Most popular Brazilian Keratin Treatment is newest craze for getting silky, smooth and straight hair. It relaxes the curl, improves the condition and ultimately leaves the hair frizz free.

You like your hair straight, but you’re looking for alternatives to pressing, ironing or relaxing to get that glossy mane you want. Maybe you want to try a keratin treatment, which has become increasingly popular in recent years. One of the hottest natural hair treatments in the style industry is Brazilian keratin. The Brazilian Keratin Treatment is the Botox of all hair treatments – if your hair has been through the challenges of hair styling, curling, straightening, bleaching or over blow drying, the Brazilian Keratin treatment will make your hair look as shiny and feel as soft as it did before it was damaged. The treatment is suitable for all hair types including Afro, bleached, damaged or chemically straightened.

The Brazilian treatment is made up of “Keratin”, a natural substance and liquid form of hair. The process improves the condition of your hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle for enhanced color and shine. It does not break the bonds of the hair shaft like straighteners of the past and does not affect the internal makeup of your hair. The product is safe and does not harm your hair, even if a chemical has treated it previously and the application is quick and hassle free.

Keratin Smoothing Treatment for hair

Keratin Straightening

Brazilian Keratin Basics

Brazilian keratin is a protein that grows naturally in the hair, fingernails and skin. When mixed with Formaldehyde (in the right ratio), Brazilian keratin becomes a workable and functional solution that can be used to strengthen hair and improve its overall health. It’s also worth noting that not all Brazilian keratin solutions contain Formaldehyde, so be sure to talk to a variety of stylists to find someone using a formula with which you are comfortable. Formaldehyde-free keratin treatments are quickly becoming the norm at hair salons in New York and all over the world.

How does it work?

When it comes to keratin, tough is good. Its strong protective qualities improve the hair both inside and out. Our unique biopolymer ingredient is virtually a “liquid form of hair” that gently blends with the hair on your head. It brings to hair what it was lacking to begin with and what it has lost over the years.Is the hair dull, dry and damaged? Is it curly, wavy, frizzy, overly voluminous or unmanageable? Application of our keratin treatment puts an end to all that. The smaller keratin molecules penetrate the hair cortex improving and repairing the quality of the hair from the inside. The added strength, elasticity and moisture results in the smooth, soft, shiny and straightened affect. The larger molecules coat the hair cuticle and take the environmental insults such as UV rays, smog, and smoke for your hair on the outside. Further damage to the hair shaft is prevented.

Results after Treatment

As with all hair products or treatments, everyone won’t get the same results. While a great degree of the results depends on the competence of your stylist, much also depends on your hair type. Some women will get super sleek hair that has no wave to it until the treatment begins to wear off. Other women will see a lessening of frizz with no real straightening, unless they use a flat iron when styling. If you’re seeking bone straight locks, you may be disappointed, but if you’re looking for an easier way to manage your hair without worrying about how straight it turns out, a keratin treatment may be for you.


The Brazilian keratin treatment process is very intensive. It should only be performed by a licensed professional who has had training in performing the treatment. Having the treatment done by someone who is inexperienced or who doesn’t have training could lead to hair breakage and loss. Ensuring that the person doing the treatment process is a licensed cosmetologist and has taken a training class will guarantee that the treatment process is followed according to the guidelines for the optimal health of the hair.

Hair Go Straight – A Brazilian Keratin Treatment