Keratin treatment is an amazing new styling trend that allows even those with frizzy, curly, messy mop-tops to experience the joy of straight, smooth and silky hair.

Keratin is a versatile and robust protein mostly found in the hair, skin, nails, and teeth. In the beauty industry, keratin is primarily used to repair and restore broken and damaged hair, but it also offers a wide range of other benefits. adding moisture to the hair to make it smooth and soft, eliminating curls and frizz, reducing the time required to wash, dry and style hair, preventing grow-outs, adding a dark shiny glow to the hair, While most people prefer getting keratin treatments at salons, keratin treatment is just as efficient if performed correctly.

The best way to get a keratin treatment, as with most big hair operations, is through a qualified and talented top hair stylist. Think of home keratin treatment products the same way you’d think of home coloring products They’ll get the job done if you’re willing to suffer through the process and risk messing it up, but the end results will rarely be as attractive as if you had just gotten a salon hair treatment and will likely need to be re-done sooner.

Effective treatments for keratin

Effective treatments for keratin

The Right Product

Choosing the right brand of keratin treatment is a very important first step as not all are created equal.The safety of keratin treatments have been in the news lately as some products have been shown to contain dangerous amounts of formaldehyde.Two great options on the market are Keratin Shot by Salerm Cosmetics and the Keratin Complex by Peter Coppola. Both contain little to no formaldehyde.

Processing Time

Processing times vary form manufacturer to manufacturer so consult your product, but usually they range from 10-20 minutes. Some brands require heat and others just recommend using a cap to retain the head’s natural heat. Once your client is done processing do not wash the product out.


Your hair is now ready to get a completely new look and feel after the 48 hours of waiting. To achieve this, shampoo and condition the hair thoroughly and then blow-dry. At the end of the keratin treatment at home process, your hair should be smooth, shiny and straight, with a soft glow around it. Keratin treatment lasts for 2 and a half to 3 months, but it is not recommended to repeate it that often. Two or three times a year should be maximum.

Apply the Treatment

Bring your client back to your chair and towel dry some keratin treatments are applied to dry hair and some to damp. Section the hair into 4 sections and begin to apply the product starting from the top and working your way to the bottom. The Salerm Keratin Shot recommends that you apply with a spray bottle while the Keratin Complex is applied with a bowl and brush. Once the product is applied, run a fine tooth comb through the hair. If product remains on the comb then squeeze the excess out until the comb runs through the hair clean.

keratin treatment

keratin treatment

Combing and blow drying

Keratin home treatment doesn’t end here you have to give the protein some time to seep into the hair strands. To enhance this, comb the hair strands gently and thoroughly, leaving the hair strands straight and smooth. Leave the hair in this state and give it half an hour to set. After the 30 minutes of setting, use a round brush to blow-dry it until it is completely dry.

Wash, Wash, Wash it Away

After you have consulted with your client and answered all of their questions regarding the treatment, drape them and bring them to the shampoo bowl.Using the recommended shampoo from the brand’s manufacturer, wash your client’s hair three times, vigorously, focusing on the hair and not the scalp.