Hair restoration as the name suggests is the process of restoring your hair in such a manner that it looks normal and grows back to its normal state.

If you are considering having a hair restoration procedure, it is essential to choose a clinic that has an excellent reputation for exactly the work you want to be carried out, whose practitioners are qualified and have a wealth of experience, and whose pre and after care instructions are insightful, helpful, and easy to follow.

This is an important decision, and picking the wrong practitioner at the wrong clinic can make all the difference between the end result being a wonderful, confidence boosting head full of thick, healthy hair, and a huge disappointment which, in the end, costs more than you might ever have considered. There are many factors to consider when you are choosing a clinic:

Selecting the Right Doctor

Hair Restoration Clinic for your Treatment

Hair Restoration Clinic for your Treatment

The ideal way to find the right doctor for your restoration is through a referral. Your dermatologist or general practitioner will be able to give you the most reliable recommendations. The worst possible way to find yourself a surgeon is through commercials or other aggressive marketing communications. It is important that you are cautious about the establishments that seem to spend more on advertising than on patient care. After having short listed a few doctors, spend time online to look at reviews and finalize your decision.

Training and Qualifications

When selecting a surgeon, one of the first things to ask for is his or her specialty. Check whether the doctor you are considering is board certified as a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist. If they come with other qualifications such as that of an internist or urologist, feel free to ask them about their experience in hair. The benefit of going to a dermatologist is that the residency training for this program involves medical as well as surgical management of diseases related to skin, nails and hair. This means that they are the best choice for accurate diagnosis and treatment of your hair loss problem.

Size of the Clinic

Normally, larger clinics are state of the art and have surgeons of great repute. Clinics that are a part of a national franchise are normally a safe bet. However, it is possible that you will be lost among the crowd of the patients that throng the clinic. In large establishments, the possibility of getting one-to-one attention is less. If the clinic that you are looking at does not guarantee you enough consultation and counselling time, then it is better to avoid it. Go in for a smaller clinic where the quality of the work and patient satisfaction are given importance. You can be assured of getting more personalized service since they would want you to spread a good word about their work.

Breadth of Replacement services

If the hair clinic offers a breadth of hair replacement services, then it is an indicator that the clinic is experienced in handling hair loss treatments and solutions. It also means that the clinic handles patients from all walks of life regardless if you are women, men, or children. There are various types hair loss services to choose from such as synthetic hair pieces, hair transplants, ready to wear hair products, real hair wigs, and the likes.

Proven Hair Restoration Method

There are so many hair restoration methods to choose from, but not all of them are proven to really work. Hence, it is very important to choose a clinic that uses proven effective hair restoration procedure. Only highly reputable surgeons can successfully perform hair transplant.

Hair Restoration Method

Hair Restoration Method

Lowest Cost

The most important factor that one would consider while undergoing an elective surgery is the cost. However, be sure to not fall for glitzy advertisements that offer deep discounts for the surgery. Lower cost certainly should not be the criteria. For transparency in the procedure, it is best to find a clinic that provides you with the cost per hair for a transplant surgery than cost per graft. Also remember that most clinics will offer you a discount for additional procedures that may be required after the hair transplant.

Free Initial Consultation

Prior to determining the right hair loss solution, your condition should be thoroughly checked by a highly reputable hair loss expert. A highly reputable hair loss clinic wouldn’t mind offering initial consultation for free. You shouldn’t feel like you are obliged to proceed with the treatment just because the initial consultation is offered to you free of charge.

So, if you are experiencing rapid hair loss and you want to find the best solution to your hair loss problem, do not hesitate to visit a highly reputable hair loss clinic. You just have to make sure you are going to keep in mind the above mentioned factors.