Hair dressing in Hong Kong? Browse some top Hair salons and hairdressers are most international salons with a hand picked team of highly qualified stylists, focus on your individual needs to achieve the best look possible and particular style.

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Hair salons and hairdressers

Capelli Hair Salon

Top Hair salons in hong kon

Soho Hair salons

Capelli hair salon has been serving you comfortably for many years, the team of experienced and recognized in the industry hair stylists, colourists & estheticians. Capelli Hairstylists is premier destination for world-class hair, colour, nails & skincare. The skilled professionals are highly trained in the newest trends, innovative colouring techniques & great styles.

Hair Corner

At Hair Corner, sushi and styling go hand in hand. That’s right, the Causeway Bay outlet has it’s own traditional Japanese restaurant called ‘At Corner. Don’t let the modest name fool you, the plush setting includes leather chairs, contemporary fittings, and luxurious VIP rooms.

SOHO Salon, Hong Kong

The rumors are true! TONI&GUY, your favorite hair salon in all of Hong Kong, has opened up a brand-new branch right in the heart of the city. Our new SOHO salon is located on Old Bailey Street, just above the stylishly cool Wagyu Lounge. Striving to deliver the same “Perfect Salon” concept so popular with our clients in the UK, our latest branch has all that you’d ever want from a hair salon: a clean, welcoming atmosphere invites you to put your trust in the hands of our skilled team of seasoned professionals, each thoroughly devoted to offering their expert advice on all things hair.

Kim Robinson

Australian-born, celebrity stylist Kim Robinson has a flair for working with Asian hair. He is known for his signature dry cut technique: Creating the perfect style according to the natural flow of one’s hair. His A-list clients include Michelle Yeoh, Zhang Ziyi and Gong Li. The eponymous studio is nestled among the Armani stores in Chater House. VIP rooms project an understated chic, and talented stylists give you their undivided attention during your treatment. “Our clients are from every walk of life from the runway to the boardroom – they expect and receive incredible results,” Robinson declares.

A Beauty Bar

Top Hair Salons in Hong Kong

HairDressing Salons

As the name suggests, this salon devotes itself to beauty, with an emphasis on healthy, non-toxic products. The shop sells cosmetics, skin and hair care products and nail polish in a calm atmosphere. The salon provides makeup and facial services – but it’s their special candle wax manicure for $500 that catches our attention. The wax has a low melting point, so it turns into a warm lotion when poured on the skin, making for amazing manis and massages. The salon uses SpaRitual vegan nail polish that’s free of harmful chemicals and also makes use of eco-friendly ingredients. Cuticle care here is made painless with SpaRitual’s Cuti-Clean.

Magic Mirror

If Mary Poppins had her own hairdressing salon it would probably look like Magic Mirror, a salon devoted to children. The playful horse seats appear as if they’ve galloped straight off a carousel. While the stylists might not sing or dance, they do hand out candy. To keep the petite VIPs occupied while their locks get trimmed, each hair station comes with its own TV and DVD player. Genius. Magic Mirror is basically a playground where kids hold still enough to let their hair down – and styled at the same time.

Hollywood Hair

Hollywood Hair is the new baby of award-winning Hong Kong uber-stylist (and former Sassy Award winner!) Rennie Fensham, following her departure from Glow with Ceri Silk. Occupying the space formerly taken by the now-retired Phillip George, the salon is huge by Hong Kong standards – light, bright and airy with plenty of funky decorative touches including a tank of very friendly fish.

Private-i Salon

QG Private i Salon at the Four Seasons Hong Kong is as exclusive as you can get. “We have a VIP room but most people don’t use it because they come in with their bodyguards,” Salon Director, Michaud Laurent Christophe divulges. From local starlets to hot shot politicians, Private i is a magnet for the elite. Their six-star service is enough to impress any prima dona or prima uomo. Singer Shirley Kwan, Miss World Zhang Zilin and Cathy Lee are fans.

Emmanuel F.

Emmanuel F. is a real one-stop beauty destination offering hair couture, facial/body treatments, waxing, manipedis and make up using only natural and organic products.

Hair Show at Private i Salon, Hong Kong